What SAJAN+Architects do?We are Architects who primarily offer services related to Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Master Planning, Furniture Design, Visualization and so forth.
What style of architecture do you follow?We are always in search of a unique style of ours. We largely practice a collaborative of different styles. We mainly design according to the condition of land, the availability of construction materials, climate, culture and lifestyle of the beneficiary.
How long will it take to design my home or a building?The time to design every project is unique. Depending on the project size, it's complexity, the physical site conditions and the aesthetic preferences are just a few of the elements that make a project unique and therefore the time required to design a project can vary. In many cases, a residential project would take anywhere from three months to eight months to complete the design along with the working drawing.
Are there any restrictions regarding the size of the projects?If the project is interesting enough, we do not have any restriction with the size.
Can we see any of your designed buildings?We can guide you to our projects that are under construction. But regarding our finished projects, we prefer to respect the clients’ privacy and let you access only the documentation of the project (photographs and videos of our projects are available on website).
Do we have to come to your office in order to meet you?Yes, We prefer you to get an idea about our work, how we work and the associated team.
When does the first meeting happen?Once you are okay with our ideas and working style, we shall conduct the first meeting face-to-face.
Should I take an appointment to meet you?Yes, you should book an appointment in advance over phone in order to meet Feel free to call us on 9188691917 / 9745803449 to fix an appointment.
What all should we carry when we come to meet you?You are required to carry a copy of the survey plan of the site and the brief for the project. Photographs or video clips of the site would be useful.
When do you visit the site?After the first discussion for the project, we would communicate with a date and accordingly visit your site to advance further.
Are we required to pay you for the first site visit?Yes. You are required to pay a site visit fee.
What amount do you charge for your services?The fees are charged according to the scale of the project, depth and the length of services. Please contact us through email for a detailed fee statement.
Should we pay you an advance before starting the project?Yes. The amount depends on the package of services chosen by the client.
When can we get the ‘services and fee statement’ from you?After we receive the brief of the project, we would have discussions with you through phone/email/face-to-face. Later, you will get the services and fee statement.
What are the details required before designing our project?You need to give us a Digital Survey (in AutoCAD Dwg. format) of the site along with other details (specified by us) of the site.
Can you explain the whole process of designing?Clients reach out to us stating project requirements/brief. Ones the client is convinced with our portfolio, we schedule a meeting, and we prefer to meet in the office in person for the first few meetings. Ones the first meeting is held, we would visit the project site, we also advice clients to give us the digital survey before this. Afterwards, we go on a detail discussion with the client about the project requirements. We then prepare a concept considering the project requirements. We exhibit the presentation to the clients in the forthcoming meetings. After the first two meetings we reinforce our design according to the meeting outcomes. Soon after the clients confirm on seeing the final presentation, we start with a detailed drawing for approval/construction.
Who designs our project?We have a dedicated team of architects for designing projects. Depending on the scale of the project, we assign architects. The designs will be monitored and guided by the principal architect.
Do you provide us any alternatives/options of designs to select from?We provide two schemes/options to select from.
Do you take up Construction of your designs?No.
Do you supervise your projects?Yes, our clients are valuable and we do supervise projects as per the construction stages and technical demands.
Do you work for Renovation/Extension/Conservation projects?Yes, If the project is interesting.
Do you design taking Vastu into consideration?Yes, We do develop design according to your vastu consultants brief.
Where is your office located? Do you practice away?Our office is located at Pandalam, Kerala. Yes we do a lot of projest away.