Sajan+ Architects was established as a design studio when the principal Architect Sajan Varghese commenced practicing independently at Pandalam,Kerala since 2012.Over the years the studio has successfully ventured a number of projects for the residential, commercial,Landscape and spiritual sectors.

Our projects articulate through their form and image, material and detail, that which is unique and specific to their function and location.Our projects are an end result of a collaborative effort from a myriad group of people from different backgrounds spanning the industry.

Designs are developed responsive, that are characteristic of the purpose, place and people.Our architecture plays up on circumstantial and local nuances.Inspirations and peculiarities are gathered from place or people and given expression.It is about making an effort to understand, and reveal the reality of things through a poetic expression.


‘Space’ remains a magical notion for us. We try to treat it without bias, giving each idea a chance to evolve into something larger than who we are. We bring to each project our collective consciousness – poetry, music, food,movies, art, travel, love, loss, memories, friendships and life itself in it.
These have been our inspirations, especially in those moments of turmoil that haunt any designer,the young and the old alike.

We would like to be known as people who come up with good ideas and then oversee execution to perfection, be it for a building or a city, a living room, a backyard, or just about anything.That is after all, the underlying thread that connects us all – the seduction of a good idea!

We only hope we don’t stop making mistakes, taking risks and living with doubt, because they are as important to our studio staying young as they are to a child.


Ar.Sajan varghesePrincipal architect
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Er. Stephin tomStructural engineer
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